The Classic Combination

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5 Responses to The Classic Combination

  1. Trudi says:

    hi saw you on dead good job> your man Chris i think took my dad and me as a pillion on his final ride. For me, although still heart broken at his departure from me and the family, feel this was a wonderfull thing for him. i hope to be carried off in the same way..

  2. Gary T says:

    Every biker should have this as their final blast

  3. Anne Marie says:

    Fantastic coverage on Dead Good Job….., well done!

  4. Carol morris says:

    Recently purchased and read the Now Open Sundays! book by the Paul Sinclair (Rev). It was funny, thought provoking and true. As a small village church we hope to use a couple of the ideas to motivate seekers and fellowship. Paul has given his permission but also offered to come and do a talk for us. Judging by what I have heard and seen it should be a full house! Thanks for your generosity and kindness PAUL….XX

  5. robert simpson says:

    loved your video you and your wife seem very happy. I too have a black wife. she is Jamaican and we’ve been struggling with the us govt to get her paper work done to get her here for a year. btw I too am of scotch heritage. my mothers family are Mcclain some of my distant relatives still live in Duart castle. would love to hear from you.

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