The Classic Combination

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5 Responses to The Classic Combination

  1. Trudi says:

    hi saw you on dead good job> your man Chris i think took my dad and me as a pillion on his final ride. For me, although still heart broken at his departure from me and the family, feel this was a wonderfull thing for him. i hope to be carried off animation video in the same way.

  2. Gary T says:

    Every biker should have this as their final blast

  3. Anne Marie says:

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  4. Carol morris says:

    Recently purchased and read the Now Open Sundays! book by the Paul Sinclair (Rev). It was funny, thought provoking and true. As a small village church we hope to use a couple of the ideas to motivate seekers and fellowship. Paul has given his permission but also offered to come and do a talk for us. Judging by what I have heard and seen it should be a full house! Thanks for your generosity and kindness PAUL….XX

  5. robert simpson says:

    loved your video bankruptcy attorney san diego medicare part d donut hole you and your wife seem very happy. I too have a black wife. she is Jamaican and we’ve been struggling with the us govt to get her paper work done to get her here for a year. btw I too am of scotch heritage. my mothers family are tapas nyc hip protectors Mcclain some of my distant relatives bachelor degrees soakaway crates still live in Duart castle. would love to hear from you

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