Straightliners have now processed all the evidence needed for The Guinness Book of World Records for the various world records set under their auspices in 2013. My own record was set on the Elvington strip where I rode the now derestricted Suzuki Hayabusa hearse west-east at 126.6mph and east-west at 124.8mph. For the official world record the average of 125.7mph at the one mile mark is used. The goal was to prove just how stable and well built our rigid vehicles are in comparison to bendy hearses or trailers and on this video you can see clearly how rock solid these outfits are even when flat out. It was a bit of a jump from the  practice run at 115.2 mph to 126.6 mph in 2013, but as the Hayabusa outfit was properly set up there was no need to weigh it down with a heavy coffin for stability. In fact, as you can see, we had no need for additional weighting at all.

The Elvington strip tests prove just how stable and agile an authentic motorbike and sidecar hearse is at all speeds, that a proper rigid vehicle is still better than a bendy hearse and that professionals can provide something families can be proud of, the best!